spraylab progress

Had a very productive weekend hammering away on spraylab. I’ve basically ported the simulator code that I use to study and generate CS:GO’s recoil patterns to the browser using Emscripten. Hopefully the image below is self-explanatory!

I still have a lot of features to add before release. I want to add screenshake and crosshair climb, sensitivity settings, and so on, so that practice here translates exactly to your experience in the game. How crazy I get depends on how much time I manage in the next few weeks, I can think of all kinds of training minigames that would be interesting…

Live Updated CS:GO Cvar List

I’ve been frustrated lately with the CS:GO console command lists that show up on Google. Popup ads, terrible formatting, and worst of all, they aren’t kept up to date with new releases. So I made my own! It’s updated automatically when new versions are released, includes variable defaults and ranges, and has a search box for easy filtering. Hope you find it useful.

Check it out!

Source code for the page generator can be found on GitHub.

Article on Recoil Mechanics in CS:GO

Hey all, this post marks the launch of my new projects blog. I just put up my first article on recoil mechanics in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Some people may have seen preliminary versions of this work around over the last few months. Now that I have this site online I’ll be able to update everything in a central location whenever I make improvements or Valve updates the weapon balance. Here are a couple of samples.

Spray pattern for the M4A4 (left) and the new silenced M4A1 (right)

Spray pattern for the Galil (left) and the Famas (right)

I have some future plans to explain the details of spread and inaccuracy, which will allow me to say, for example, exactly what percentage of bullets will hit an enemy with a particular compensation strategy at a particular distance. I would also like to add some details about how I gathered my results so that other people can reproduce my work. Stay tuned.